The “Sapienza” is one of the most important historical palace in Pisa. Raised during the renaissance by Lorenzo de’ Medici it hosts the local Law school. The refurbishment of the building ended in the 2018, after five years: during these works many antiquities were found, so it was necessary to build a proper place for them. The University of Pisa committed us to design some displays for a small museum under the portico.




Interior Design, Graphic Design, Environmental Design


University of PisaPisa Soprintendenza

The design takes inspiration by the podium of the statues that for many decades watched the lives of the students: the crate has an opaque bottom, with a small recess at the base which makes it float over the floor. 

The clear glass in the upper side contains transparent shelves where to place the artifacts without impeding the lower ones and at the same time leaving the sight of the building.

Alongside all the borders LED lights allow the people to enjoy the “new” antiquities, even during the short winter days.