The analysis concerning the astonishing church of San Michele in Foro, in the historical centre of Lucca, were aiming the pathologies and weak points of the building, meanwhile they cleared the necessity of an important refurbishment to preserve the heritage.

The first phase of the works consisted of a deep research about the history of the building, to know the historical context, the construction technologies and the masterpieces there collected. Meanwhile an hard work of survey and measurement has been carried out to draw plans, sections and elevations.




Architecture, Interior Design, Restoration, Structural


Alessandro Ariel Terranova, Marta Gnesi, Francesca Moschini, Amanda Ferreira

This operation allowed us to obtains many datas about the materials and the kind of deterioration existing, with a particular mention for the structural cracks.

The structure has been processed by a specific software to draw the FEM model to discover all the tensions brought by weight of the church and its vibrations. In order to evaluate the seismic stress the building has been divided in autonomous portions called macroelements, by an analysis of the cynematism of the façade and the clerystorium.

The macroelements that were studied the most are the bell tower and the façade. The datas collected let us state that the church is perfectly fine both by a statistic point of view and an analytic one. Thanks to our studies about macroelements and seismic stresses further insights would be possible in order to maintain our precious heritage.