The Italian landscape is littered with forgotten historical buildings.
The movement Re-use Italy was born with the long term goal of focusing the public attention to this issue, promoting cultural activities that show how is still possible to bring back life and human relationships inside those ruins.
We believe that the refurbishment of the abandoned historical environment is paramount and it rapresents a resource, both civic and economical, for the rebirth of Italy.




Cultural Project


FAI, Italia Nostra, Comune di San Giuliano Terme, Università di Pisa - DESTEC, Confesercenti, Ordine degli Architetti di Pisa, Istituto Italiano dei Castelli

In this cultural project we’ve involved FAI, Italia Nostra, Confesercenti, Universities, professional corporations and local governments, and as media partnership the magazine The Plan.

We’ve involved important international architects as Massimo Alvisi & Junko Kirimoto, Gong Dong (Vector Architects), Werner Tscholl, Mats Andersen & Trond Greve (Mir), Marco Giorgio Bevilacqua, (Università di Pisa), Chris Precht (Penda), Marina Tabassum, Ted Baab (SO-IL), Alejandro Guerrero & Andrea Soto (Atelier Ars).

The first activity has been an architecture competition on the Ripafratta (San Giuliano Terme),in collaboration with the association Salviamo la Rocca.

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Aerial view on the Ripafratta Castle by Fabio Santaniello Bruun